Pufinos Original

Pufinos Original

TODA Suisse has developed Pufinos from scratch to offer children and adults a healthier alternative to common snacks. With only three ingredients (corn, sunflower oil and salt), pufinos are the ideal alternative to potato chips and, of course, vegan. Without palm oil, without additives, without added sugar and without genetic engineering, it is a matter of course for Pufinos.

Pufinos Original are the perfect snack for young and old. The crispy corn flips are so airy, loose and light, you can never get enough of them!


Our product features

Without palm oil – out of conviction

For many snack producers today, palm oil is an integral part of their recipes. Unfortunately, nature pays a very high price for this: rainforest is cleared for palm oil – valuable tropical forests disappear and numerous animals lose their livelihood.

Really without additives!

Almost everyone writes without additives – because instead of specifying the flavor enhancer as an additive with an E number, you simply mix yeast extract, broth, etc. into the products. Sounds good, but we won’t do it!

No added sugar

Pufinos Original consist of corn and therefore naturally contain around 3.5g sugar per 100g. We want to further reduce this value in the future. Children and diabetics in particular need attention when it comes to sugar. We want to support this as transparently as possible.

Pufinos make the difference

Are you allergic to certain ingredients such as milk or wheat?

Especially for products where no allergens are actually expected, some warnings are surprising. “Can contain traces of …” will not be found at Pufinos, because we are particularly sensitive to this issue.

We have optimized our production processes until a vegan and gluten-free product has been created. Pufinos are also Halal certified and of course free of genetic engineering.