BIONADE – finally back in Switzerland

BIONADE is the unique non-alcoholic 100% organic soft drink with the typical fine, tart and fruity taste. Started as a less sweet alternative to classic lemonade, BIONADE is produced in Röhn, Bavaria, using a manufacturing process that is unique in the world. All vegetable raw materials, such as fruits and herbs, from which we extract juices, extracts and flavors for BIONADE, come 100% from controlled organic cultivation. After a long absence, we are finally back in Switzerland with BIONADE.

The range. Refreshingly tasty.

BIONADE Elderberry: The most popular BIONADE with organic elderberry from the Rhön, the home region of BIONADE. Intense red. Fruity-tart. And particularly sparkling.

BIONADE Cloudy Lemon: The freshest BIONADE with sun-drenched organic lemon juice, naturally cloudy and wonderfully acidic.

BIONADE Ginger-Orange: The fruity-spicy BIONADE with the aromatic sweetness of the orange and the fine sharpness of the ginger, perfectly combined.

BIONADE Black currant rosemary: The most exciting BIONADE with the best organic herbs from nature. Unusual. Exciting. And wonderfully sweet as herbs.

The ingredients. Refreshingly pure.

BIONADE is the first and only soft drink made from 100 percent organic raw materials. No matter whether fruits, cereals, herbs or roots. We work with local organic farmers wherever possible.

Dyes or artificial flavors? Preservatives? Or sweeteners? Not a trace. Chemical additives? Are forbidden. This is guaranteed by our purity principle: BIONADE is made from pure natural products. Biologically.

In a nutshell: organic and lemonade become BIONADE.

BIONADE is certified with the organic seal, vegan, lactose and gluten free.

The production. Refreshingly natural.

It is thanks to a unique organic production process that each BIONADE variety is refreshingly delicious. The role model is nature: bees convert honey into a very mild fruit acid, gluconic acid, in honey production. Without alcohol.

BIONADE is created according to this principle. It is produced in a natural way through a complex fermentation process and brewed from water and malt according to its own purity requirement.

An enzyme is responsible for ensuring that no alcohol is produced during fermentation: glucose oxidase. This little helper from nature converts part of the malt sugar into the particularly mild gluconic acid.

Depending on the variety, juices and extracts from fruits, herbs or roots from organically certified cultivation are now added. For the unmistakable, less sweet taste and only a maximum of five percent sugar.