Brand Representation

Your Brand in Switzerland

TODA Suisse combines expertise in consumer and retail marketing with professional key account management. Thanks to many years of cooperation with various manufacturers of branded goods and our broad network in the Swiss trade, we are in a position to place your brand optimally and above all efficiently in the Swiss market.

Also in the pharmacy and drugstore channel (medical products, OTC) we have the necessary expertise to place your brand accordingly. This service goes far beyond the mere representation of your brand – we also accompany your products from registration to market launch with the appropriate support measures.

Our Services

For you as a brand owner, TODA Suisse not only offers an outstanding network in Swiss retail, but also in the media and agency landscape. In addition to the optimal placement of your products in retail, this also means a holistic implementation of all 4P´s.

We offer you a tailor-made and demand-oriented solution for a successful market launch in Switzerland.

  • Key Account Management
  • Consumer- and Trademarketing
  • Customer Service
  • Admission and registration
  • Supply Chain Management


Discover our brands:


BIONADE is the unique non-alcoholic 100% organic refreshment drink with the typical fine-tart-fruity taste. Launched as a less sweet alternative to classic lemonade, BIONADE in Röhn, Bavaria, is produced according to a worldwide unique manufacturing process. All vegetable raw materials, such as fruits and herbs from which we extract juices, extracts and flavors for BIONADE, are 100% certified organic.

Tiptree / Wilkin&Sons

The first Tiptree canned goods were already produced in 1885 on the Tiptree estate in England and are still produced here today. The most famous fruit is the Little Scarlet Strawberry, a small wild variety brought to Britain by the Wilkin family in the early 1900s. Named by George V in 1911, Wilkin & Sons has since been the proud purveyor to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the English Royal Family with his Tiptree products.

Tiptree products are now available in over seventy countries, luxury cruise liners, five-star hotels and top airlines.


Pufinos Original

TODA Suisse has developed Pufinos from the ground up to give children and adults alike a healthier alternative to common snacks. With only three ingredients (corn, sunflower oil and salt) Pufinos are the ideal alternative to potato chips and of course vegan. Without palm oil, without additives, without added sugar and non-GMO ingredients are a matter of course for Pufinos.

Pufinos original are the perfect snack for all ages. The crispy corn flips are so airy, easy and light, you never get enough of it!